High End Gaming

Ep. 12 - A Geek Freak Blizzard Entertainment

December 13, 2020

In this crossover cumpleanos, The Hosts of The Geek Freak Podcast, Frank and Squeaks, come on the show to discuss the Hot Topic of Blizzard Entertainment. Machine and Da'SleepGod absorb and prattle on about the greatness of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo with the Geek Freaks, but only after SleepGod was made aware that they weren't talking about wintery natural disasters. Frank, a veritable knowledge-tank, did a stupendous job of informing the High End crew on Blizzy lore, news, and the 8000+ hours he's spent crushing noobs in World of Warcraft. Orcs have green nipples.

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